Introducing our New Rewards Program

purina show chow

Knights Farm Supply rewards program for 4H and FFA market animals.  Bring your original receipts of yimageour purchase on Purina Honor Show Chow feeds to Knights Farm Supply the first two days of your fair and receive a rebate back of 10% on the Purina products listed below:

Show Pigs Only 11 Bags – 120 days (50lbs – 200lbs hand fed twice a day)

Show Lambs only 5 to 6 bags – 120 days

Show Goats only 4 to 5 bags – 120 days

Show Cattle only 80 – 90 bags – 300 days

HSC High Octane Supplements:

  • Power Fuel
  • Campion Drive
  • Fitter 35
  • Showpig Paylean Premix
  • Depth Charge
  • Heavy Weight
  • Power Fill


This program starts April 1st 2015.  Must be fed the duration of the entire project.


Find product info and feeding strategies at